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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Primadonna Casino and Sherrice Iverson

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It was a joyous morning (4:00 am), in a casino arcade [at Primadonna Casino 45 miles South of Las Vegas], 7-year-old Sherrice Iverson played while father, Leroy Iverson gambled the night away. Sherrice like any adorable 7-year-old, ran through the casino with bliss. She met a male child who was around her same age, they began to throw wet paper towels at each other (innocently). One of Sherrice Iverson's paper towels hit a white male by the name of Jeremy Strohmeyer.

Jeremy Strohmeyer followed Sherrice into the bathroom, sexually assaulted her, killed her and returned home.

The child and her attacker are visible on casino videotape that was used in court.

This story caught limited media attention at the time and quickly faded to avoid the negative focus on an industry that survives solely by creating addiction. No question was ever asked about casino culpability.

There are many more stories for those who listen: AFTER-EFFECTS: CHILDREN


Anonymous said...

There is a video that shows David Cash enter the restroom at 3:49 and was with Jeremy and Sherrice for 2 mins and then shows him hanging around the arcade while Jeremy continued to molest Sherrice. The video shows Cash going back into the restroom for a second time at 4:08 to get his friend Jeremy out of the restroom. The murder most likely occurred during the first four minutes and Cash was there. Jeremy was in a druged daze but finally left the restroom at 4:12

Middleboro Review said...


Thank you for your comment.

No one involved in this horrible tragedy can escape culpability.

Is it appropriate for children to be running around the gambling floor at 3 AM? What is the purpose of security videos other than to protect the casino? Does anyone watch them? If casino personnel were watching the video monitors, might this have been prevented?

The issue has been raised elsewhere that patrons aren't safe, as exemplified by SugarHouse.

Children are at particular risk because of Gambling Addiction.

As a society, don't we have a responsibility to protect children?

The media, to its discredit, never asked those questions.

Anonymous said...

I was in the casino that night.I still remember this horrible crime like it was yesterday; Rest in Peace little Sherrice