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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Springfield: Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your help!

Despite outspending us by 2,400 to 1, despite having the Mayor as a mouthpiece, despite bringing in the Blue Man Group and bringing in workers from Maryland to drive people to the polls, MGM couldn't even get 60% in Tuesday's election. Thank you to each and every one of our volunteers. Together we helped get 10,000 people to the polls to send a message to the gaming commission. The fight against MGM in Springfield has just begun. Now we take our fight to the next level in heading to the Gaming Commission! Thank you again and please consider contacting the Gaming Commission by visiting ( contact/ ) or by calling 617.979.8400 and tell them why Springfield is the WRONG place for a Casino.

Additionally, the Episcopal Diocese of Western Mass will be working on a separate project with the statewide group that is working to get a referendum on the Fall 2014 election ballot to repeal the casino legislation entirely. You will be contacted again with information on how you can participate in that effort. The first stage is signature collection this fall. Please keep an eye out for more info from the Diocese about that effort.

Citizens Against Casino Gaming

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