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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lootery officials recruiting retailers for keno

A friend mentioned that she avoids restaurants that offer Keno because it's annoying and offensive. When I asked several other friends, they acknowledged the same.

Maybe you get the low rollers and local patrons who can't afford the flush the $$$, but maybe you also lose patrons.

Sad commentary on the desperation of Kentucky and its failed fiscal policy.

Keno is a VERY rapid numbers game played on machines. LOOTtery officials recruiting retailers for keno - Business Breaking News -

Lottery officials recruiting retailers for keno

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Posted on Sunday, 07.28.13

The Associated Press

Kentucky Lottery officials have begun recruiting retailers, restaurants and bowling alleys to offer keno, a bingo-style game that holds drawings every few minutes.

The Kentucky Enquirer ( reports officials began visiting businesses this month to discuss the lottery game that will become available on Nov. 4.

The Kentucky Lottery Corp. says it hopes between 600 and 700 retailers around the state sign on to offer the game over the next five years, which would net $30 million more for state coffers each year.

Opponents of the game have voiced concerns about it feeding gambling addictions, but supporters argue that there's no evidence of that happening in the 13 states where it is already offered.

Retailers who offer keno will have a 42-inch screen to display drawn numbers and players will get something similar to regular lottery tickets. While payouts can go up to $100,000, most are $600 or less, lottery official said.

John Ellison, who manages Hofbrauhaus restaurant in Newport, said he hasn't made up his mind yet about offering keno.

"With things like that, you wonder when they go up on the walls, you don't know how they will look," Ellison said.

Keno will allow the lottery to be offered in non-traditional venues.

Kentucky Lottery President Arch Gleason said the continuous drawings make it conducive for places where people gather to socialize.

"In most of the states that offer keno, half of the retailers of keno are traditional lottery retailers ... and the other half are what is characterized as a social environment — restaurants and bowling alleys," he said.

The placement of the game in new venues to appeal to people who might be drinking and socializing have raised concerns.

"When you have people consuming alcohol in a social situation, they're going to make mistakes that they'll regret tomorrow," said state Sen. Bob Leeper, I-Paducah. "My problem is, as a member of the General Assembly, it appears to me that the state is getting ready to sanction that, and that bothers me."

Gleason said lottery officials found no evidence that keno has added to problem gambling in the states where it is currently offered.

"We've weighted this issue for a long period of time," Gleason said. "It's become a really well-accepted game across the country."

Information from: The Kentucky Enquirer,

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