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Addiction by Design, Not by Chance
These aren't your parents' slot machines. In olden days, slot machines were known as "one-armed bandits". Gamblers inserted coins and pulled levers a few times a minute as the internal wheels spun to their stop.
Today's slot machines are far more sinister. Using deliberately designed sights, sounds and patterns, today's slots are designed to hypnotize gamblers into a trance-like state. Taking credit cards instead of coins, today's "bandits" allow gamblers to place as many as 1,200 bets per hour. Occasional small payouts are cleverly engineered into the programs to create the false illusion that a gambler's luck is changing. It has been reported that as much as 85% of the casino industry's profits come from gamblers playing these machines. Addiction to slots is such a major social problem, that some states force casinos to participate in "mitigation programs" in an effort to minimize the number of addicted patrons.
Ask yourself: How do casinos "mitigate" addiction when their entire business model is dependent upon their ability to successfully create it?
Is whatever you believe might be gained from casinos,
worth everything that you will lose?
On November 4th, Vote YES to Repeal the Casino Law
Vote YES on #3
Vote YES to STOP the Casino Mess
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