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Monday, December 2, 2013

Governor Slot Barns Legacy

This is the beginning of the Pandora's Box Governor Slot Barns opened.

Other Tribes await federal recognition and will pursue the same entitlement.

The solution? Instead of spending taxpayer dollars fighting this to the Supreme Court, REPEAL THE CASINO DEAL!  It was a mistake from the beginning.

This from SHNS:

The Commonwealth: Tribal gaming is settled and
the Mashpee Wampanoags can build a casino on land they

got from the feds. [everyone pats themselves
on the back]

Aquinnah Wampanoags: We're gonna do it too. In
this one shabby building we own on the Vineyard. 

The Commonwealth: Wait, wha...? 

National Indian Gaming Commission: Yup, they

Gov. Patrick: Well you can't, 'cause that's
too many casinos and because of this 1983 settlement! [blows dust off of ancient
scroll from the early '80s]

Aquinnah Wampanoags: Nah, we're still gonna do

Patrick: Boom. Lawsuit.

[Enter: Supreme Judicial Court chorus

To be continued...

State sues to block Martha’s Vineyard casino

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