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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Losing all common sense!

PVPC has studied the casino proposals for over six years and has expertise on the matter of impacts. Finally, an independent study is used vs. the bogus self-serving "studies" commissioned by the gambling industry to aid their biased proposals. Mohegan Sun's self-study of the Palmer proposal basically stated, "no impacts here!" Either way, taxpayers are paying for the industry that isn't even... operational in Massachusetts. Are you aware of the "studies" paid by taxpayers to gambling companies and proponents like the state university system to provide biased reports to the legislature and Governor Patrick? Are you aware of the taxpayer money spent by the Lege and the Governor to push the special interest/favored Wampanoag native American casino forward with a "compact" while using taxpayers funds to have the Attorney General sue the Aqquinah tribe to stop their pursuit of a casino on posh Martha's Vineyard? How about the costs of defending the MGC chairman from lawsuits regarding his role in the removal of Caesar's from the Suffolk Downs proposal? We pay for all of it. But you won't find all those hidden costs listed on any state budget line item or clearly accessible on the state's Open (bwaaaaah) Checkbook.

The MetroWest independent studies showed Foxwoods self-studies were fictitious. Milford had the good sense to vote, NO.

The legislature and Governor failed the people of the commonwealth by deliberately NOT commissioning independent cost:benefit impacts studies. Instead, they wasted taxpayer money on insider/industry "studies."

One might wonder why such a basic and critical analysis was avoided by lawmakers? Independent studies show that the net costs exceed potential benefits. And if they based their decisions on data......well, the insiders would not get a shot at corporate monopolies sucking the regional economies dry in order to for the billionaires to make more money. These are political and special interest proposals that will not improve or enhance the fiscal, employment, housing, environment or public health of the region. Only the developers and owners profit. The rest of us pay the price of the impacts.

Repeal it!

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