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Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting in bed with Genting

Massachusetts invited Genting into the Commonwealth exempt from scrutiny as financial patrons of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe first funded Jack Abramoff to bless its federal recognition with largesse called 'campaign contributions.' We know how that ended.

When this article was first posted, it was circulated to the brainiacs on Beacon Hill and predictably ignored:
Genting Connected to Islamic Extremists?

Check this out: Reel Wamps


A Christmas Story: Genting Casino Good to Staff? By Geniusofdespair

Resorts World CEO center? "Get me the name of those union leaders" he says.
Not so in New York. The Queens casino owned by Genting/Resorts World was ORDERED by a labor arbitrator to pay its staff a living wage. that doubled most salaries. The workers went from $20,000 average to $40,000. So this is a happy ending for workers at the New York casino on food stamps and working 2 jobs.

We are talking New York wages not Arkansas.

The new Eddie Borrego, Lynda Bell's Chief of Staff, drives a Mercedes and is said to park in Lynda's space at the county executive parking lot when she isn't there. Which Eddie went to Singapore? He doesn't have to worry about a living wage, his year to date gross is $109,713.48. Eddie what happened to Johanna Faddis? Will someone find out?

So when Pepe Diaz and Lynda Bell say, the Casino will be good for jobs, think again. Read this story from New York. They had to be FORCED to pay a living wage. Remember, Lynda went to visit the Genting casino in a Singapore trip she made with her sidekick Eddie Borrego (we paid for both to go). Remember this New York story when Commissioners mention "jobs". This is why unions are necessary to fight greedy companies, like Malaysia's biggest corporation.

Resorts World, which has been spectacularly successful, did not dispute its ability to pay the salaries sought by the union, the Hotel Trades Council. The casino, which opened two years ago in southeastern Queens, attracts 35,000 visitors a day. It posted revenues of $696.5 million in the year ended in March and its electronic slot machines averaged $432 each a day in September, considerably more than slot machines in Atlantic City, Connecticut or Las Vegas

Cash: What Is Government's Relationship With Genting?

Tribune Staff Reporter
FNM Chairman Darron Cash has demanded that the Christie government set the record straight as to its relationship with The Genting Group, developers of Bimini.
According to Mr Cash concerns arising from the multi-million dollar project have fallen on deaf ears, which he believes is the result of allegations that Genting supported the PLP during the 2012 general elections.
Genting’s Miami cruise ship service, and the investment in the Bimini Bay Resort, which is expected to create about 500 jobs, continues to be steeped in controversy with environmental concerns at the heart of the matter.
Environmentalists say that plans to construct a 1,000 ft dock extending west off North Bimini’s beaches and the creation of a large man-made island offshore, will be catastrophic.
More recently, it was revealed through court documents that the entire operation was in peril because of the US government’s decision to ban the vessel’s night-time cruises.
“The question is, exactly how much money did they receive from Genting to fund their 2012 general election campaign?
“Someone from the PLP’s camp must explain why they have abandoned their own people in Bimini who have expressed numerous times their discomfort with the project. But no one seems to care. It seems this government has no clue where to turn and have been paralysed because they know all of the promises they made to these people.”
However, party Chairman Bradley Roberts categorically denied that the PLP received any financial support from Genting.
“Come on man,” Mr Roberts said, “Genting was nowhere even near the Bahamas. So his comments are completely asinine. They gave the PLP no money during the elections. Where was Genting during the elections?
“I wonder if Darron Cash needs his head checked out. The man is just spewing nonsense in an attempt to get on the front page of the dailies.”

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