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Thursday, December 5, 2013

We did it!

Today just after 3pm, Mohona Siddique, John Ribeiro, and I walked into the
Secretary of State's office to submit the last of our certified signatures
just before the 5pm deadline. These 900 last minute signatures brings our
grand total to over 73,000.

We did it!

This gives us enough signatures to be on the 2014 ballot. Thank you to
every one of you for giving your time, talent, and treasure over the last
few months to get us to this point. We could not have done it without
your hard work and sacrifice.

This is of course only the beginning. We still have a court case to win,
a few additional signatures to gather in the spring, and most importantly
a statewide campaign to educate and inform Massachusetts voters of the
many negative economic, fiscal, and social consequences of the state's
casino policy so that they will vote "Yes" to Repeal the Casino Deal next

All of these will require a lot of hard work by all of us, but we are
confident that we will succeed. In the meantime we have all earned a
break. Spend the holidays relaxing with your families and recharging so
come 2014 we will all be ready to finish the job and end this bad
government policy once and for all!

Brian Ashmankas
Your Campaign Director

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