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Saturday, December 28, 2013

You weren't paying attention!

The Boston Herald article, picked up by SHNS was posted here:

Gaming panel’s staff has ties to casino hopefuls

The Boston Herald, much like the Boston Globe and other media in the Commonwealth, GAMBLING on future advertising revenues, have been CHEERLEADERS for Predatory Gambling, ignored FACTS, Community Destruction and the adverse impacts.

Suddenly, the Boston Herald publishes what was publicly available information....the Herald not know for heavy lifting or solid reporting.

Yet the handwriting was on the wall!

Did you have a problem with the Stan McGee appointment without scrutiny?

Did you have a problem with Genting entering the Commonwealth with NO SCRUTINY?

Getting in bed with Genting
Mashpee Wampanoag/Genting Tribe: The Problem With Sovereignty

Did you have a problem with Mayor Menino and Senator Petrucelli receiving 'CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS' from the owner of Suffolk Downs, avoiding public scrutiny and campaign limits?

Senator Petrucelli COMMISSIONED a study he couldn't remember or couldn't find or whatever....that indicated MASSACHUSETTS TAXPAYERS would be porked for + $500 MILLION for infrastructure improvements for Suffolk Downs.....

Did you notice that the Massachusetts Gam[bl]ing Commission holds public hearings at times inaccessible for working people?

The BIA has conducted public meetings in the Commonwealth and those meetings are in the EVENINGS!

You have Governor Slot Barns whose wife works for Ropes and Gray who agreed to support an INDEPENDENT COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS, Alas! Developed amnesia after his re-election!

Secretary Bialecki and Senator Rosenberg, both 'Casino Point Men,' and CHEERLEADERS for Predatory Gambling profited from Gambling investments.

Plainridge conducted an ILLEGAL RAFFLE for years, yet the Attorney General, Martha 'Always Running for Higher Office' Coakley refused to commit anything to writing.

The Gam[bl]ing Commission was aware of Sticky Fingers Piontkowski's shenanigans in April, yet allowed the town to negotiate a Host Community Agreement in BAD FAITH, announcing the crime only before the community vote.

Did the AG investigate?
Who was cheated? Who was short-changed? Who else knew?
What about the Massachusetts Racing Commission?
Who is Martha protecting?

Martha doesn't have a rug big enough to sweep this under!

You have Political Hacks, appointing Political Hacks, protecting Political Hacks.....


....that has failed to fulfill its phony promises of paving the street with gold elsewhere.....

...and when the rules don't work....why, simply CHANGE THE RULES!

Much wasn't included......

The only sensible option.

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