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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Place your bets: Let's talk gambling

Dec 9, 2013, 12:40pm EST

Place your bets: Let's talk gambling in Florida

Reporter- Orlando Business Journal

The discussion of expanding gaming in Florida is going to come up again soon — especially in South Florida — and it's hard to pretend Central Florida won't get in the mix.

The idea of expanding gambling in Florida to add new destination casinos has gone about just as well as mixing oil and water. Many of Central Florida's anti-gambling advocates say the "family-friendly" brand of the region would be tarnished if some mega casino rolled into town.

Crime, gambling addiction and the whole sinfulness of gambling seem to be the weapons of choice for the voices trying to stop casinos. And, of course, casino supporters tout the job creation, increase in tax revenue and boosts in tourism as the reasons why we should open our doors to expanded gambling.

As someone who has watched this battle before, I can say both sides make a good case. Jobs are always good and so is increased tax revenue, but at what cost to the mecca of family-friendliness that has been built over the past 60 or more years?

I'll be looking into this topic again and want to open the doors for you, the OBJ reader, to share with me why you do or don't support the expansion of gambling in Florida — starting with this poll below.

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