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Monday, December 9, 2013

More on East Boston/Revere Bait & Switch

from a resident of Massachusetts beyond Revere and Eastie who believes that
all citizens of our state should be concerned and heard.

 Dear Sirs

By what elastic stretch of imagination can you conclude that a positive vote...

of BOTH communities was NOT required to authorize the permitting of a
Casino at Suffolk Downs which would and will have an enormous impact on
the residents of both East Boston and Revere?

Is it not obvious that cramming the casino into Suffolk's "back lot" without
access and without even the pretense of a traffic study or plan presents a
greater, not lesser, impact on the people and businesses of East Boston?

The rational for a Suffolk Downs Casino was ALWAYS based on the race
track, the history of gaming there, and preservation of racing industry jobs.
Any fool can see that the demolition of the barns and support buildings on
the Revere portion of their property means, inevitably, the end of racing
at Suffolk Downs. You may say that some employees will get jobs as
cocktail waitresses and dealers at the casino but that is both unlikely and
NO help to all the ancillary jobs in the horse business the casino supporters
have talked about for decades.

There was absolutely NO discussion or debate about this proposal prior to
the vote and therefore no consideration of the certain death of horse racing
in Massachusetts. Can you say how many residents of Revere voted yes
to save their, or their neighbor's, current jobs at the track? is there any
rational at all for your Commission to divine what the voters may, or may not,
have thought about this radically different proposal had it been on the ballot?

This proposed location may look the same as what was voted when seen
from Springfield or even Brockton but certainly not when viewed from East
Boston or Revere. Different players, different location, different impact on
racing and jobs, different traffic problems, this is not even close to what the
people voted on. This is akin to swearing in Dan Patrick as Governor after
the people voted for Duval Patrick. After all they have the same initials.

Well, I submit that is what this is, Suffolk Downs, East Boston and Suffolk
Downs, Revere have no more in common. To say they do is to violate the
reputation and endanger the trust in your commission.
J Archer O'Reilly III

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