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Friday, September 27, 2013

Penn National walked away from contract....

We want Penn National in Massachusetts?

How can they be trusted?

Now that we've had some time to research Penn National, we've come across quite a list of issues and incidents that We have been doing research about Penn National Gaming and have discovered information about issues and incidents that the voters of Plainville should have been allowed to consider BEFORE being frogmarched to the polls to vote, only six days after Penn National "took over" the HCA.

We have already posted links to the two days of revelations at the MA Gaming Commission's suitability hearing. Over the next few days, we'll be posting much of the additional research we've unearthed:

Does Plainville have a casino partner who's prepared to follow through on the casino development plans — especially because the plans are ones they inherited in their entirety from Plainridge? (They're already planning to add a hotel.)...

In 2008, Penn National walked away from its promise to build a casino in Cherokee County, Kansas. In response, the county sued Penn National for breach-of-contract and won. After more than three years of litigation, a Shawnee County judge ruled in Cherokee County's favor in September 2012. The county was seeking $52 million in damages, but eventually agreed to a settlement of $4.75 million in January 2013.

"After receiving nearly all of the approvals necessary to open its doors in Cherokee County, KPG [Penn National] withdrew its application to be a lottery gaming facility (casino) manager in the Sountheast Zone," stated the county's memorandum in support of summary judgment. "Because executives at PGN believed there was more money to be made elsewhere in Kansas, PNG made the calculated decision to abandon the Cherokee County project."

Check back here to see what else we've dug up.
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