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Sunday, October 6, 2013

...the answer is always “no”

Foxwoods is a HUGE corporation. Their interests are self-serving. They NEED and WANT to be here for the money.....but, what about the collateral damage that will result from the stigma of being termed a casino-town? Homeowners who have invested a lifetime of savings into their "nest-egg" will lose.....and lose BIG!
Russ: The risk from Milford casino
Posted Oct 06, 2013

What most upsets me with regard to the proposed Milford casino is the way pro-gambling people are painting the anti-casino people as “elitists”; not caring about jobs the unemployed in our midst truly need. I am not anti-jobs for the unemployed or poor among us; I am not uncaring. My grandparents came to this country very poor and in need of jobs. But the typical service jobs Foxwoods will bring are modest paying and of questionable value in supporting a family in the Milford area. Also, Milford has a captive labor pool as little public transportation is available to support employment outside of this area; a fact that Foxwoods will take advantage of.

Thirty years ago my husband and I moved to Milford from out-of-state, purchased a home and raised our children. This home represents our only wealth in the world. I am 67 years old and still work part-time. We continue to pay a mortgage after using home equity to put our girls through college. A gargantuan resort casino less than a mile from my back door will dash the value of our home and property enormously. I have asked many people if they would purchase my home after a casino is built; the answer is always “no”.

So who is to really benefit from the casino; not the folks hired for the part-time service jobs, nor the property-owning residents who will see their life-long investments go down the drain. We cannot afford to take the risk.


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