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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Delusions: Palmer: Mohegan used us

Too funny!

You thought.....?

Bringing a 'world class destination Slot Barn to elsewhere' .....?


Palmer: Mohegan used us 

Biz owners say gaming giant not all in for casino

By: ordan Graham


A group of pro-casino Palmer business owners who claim Mohegan Sun was just stringing along the town until the casino could find a better location have sent a list of grievances to the Gaming Commission two months after the town voted no.
“When you look at everything they’ve done, you come away with this absolute feeling that they were never in it to win it,” said Palmer Businesses for a Palmer Casino spokesman Robert Young.
In a letter sent to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Palmer Businesses for a Palmer Casino claims Mohegan Sun planned to not complete the proposed casino long before the referendum was struck down by voters.
“They changed the name to Mohegan Sun Massachusetts” from Mohegan Sun Palmer, Young said, adding, “They’ve never put a powerful campaign on to win this vote.”
Young said Mohegan wanted to protect their casino in Connecticut by occupying Palmer.
“They were just holding Palmer hostage so nobody could build here,” Young claimed.
Young said the group also wants to warn Revere voters about their experience with Mohegan Sun.
“After they treated us out here as badly as they’ve done ... the people of Revere need to know that,” Young claimed.
The Palmer/Mohegan Sun proposal was rejected in early November by fewer than 100 votes, prompting Mohegan Sun to call for a recount.
But before the recount — which upheld the original results — word emerged that a Mohegan Sun-Suffolk Downs partnership for a Revere casino was imminent, the group noted. The deal was announced the day after the recount.
A spokesman for Mohegan Sun refused to discuss the Palmer group’s complaints, saying in a statement “Mohegan Sun has great respect for the process, and the people of Palmer spoke on November 5. The choice they made was also confirmed in a recount. Mohegan Sun’s focus is now on bringing a world-class destination casino resort to Revere.”
Elaine Driscoll, spokeswoman for the Gaming Commission, said she did not know if the commission had received the letter, and she was not aware of any complaints about Mohegan Sun’s treatment of Palmer.

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