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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Come on Mom, Dad, who needs an education or a job.....

Massachusetts ‘GAMING’ Future

Come on Mom, Dad, who needs an education or a job when I can make a living gambling on the internet.

Associated Press - Jan 7, 2014 - Internet gambling accounts in NJ near 150,000...

The number of Internet gambling accounts created in New Jersey continues to grow and is nearing 150,000.

New Jersey authorized Internet gambling last year to give a boost to Atlantic City's struggling casino industry, which has been beset by increasing competition for the past seven years. It began with a five-day trial period on Nov. 21 and launched publicly on Nov. 25.

As of Monday, 148,487 accounts had been created, though the state's Gaming Enforcement Division notes that individuals often create separate accounts on more than one site.

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