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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Punter smashed up Llanelli bookies after blowing £2,000

Punter smashed up Llanelli bookies after blowing £2,000

By Llanelli Star | Posted: January 08, 2014

Punter smashed up Llanelli bookies after blowing £2,000

A PUNTER smashed a chair through four slot machines after allegedly blowing two grand at a
Llanelli betting shop.

Bookmaker Ladbrokes hopes to assist police in tracking down a man who caused irreparable damage to a Llanelli store's slot machines.

The incident took place at the Ladbrokes store on Cowell Street in the town centre.

An unnamed member of staff claimed the man was not a regular customer, and said he had sunk £2,000 into the slot machines that day.

After fluttering away the money, the employee claimed that the man had picked up a chair and smashed it through all four machines in the store.


Of those, it has been said that two were damaged beyond repair.

It has also been claimed that following the violent outburst, the man ran off from the store.

Ladbrokes confirmed that the claims were correct regarding the act of vandalism.

A spokeswoman said: "There was an act of vandalism in the shop on December 21 in which machines were damaged."

However the spokeswoman could not confirm the figures involved regar- ding the sums of money spent by the punter.

The betting shop's spokeswoman said: "Police are being supplied with CCTV images of the suspect to assist their investigation."


Ladbrokes has made it clear that it aims to ensure the wellbeing and safety of its employees.

"We are providing staff with full support in the light of this act of violence," the spokeswoman said.

She added that the company and the team at the store would be working with the police to provide full details of all aspects of this incident.

There will also be a review made into all aspects of security with regard to the Cowell Street outlet, the spokeswoman confirmed.

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