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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

'We’ve come too far to alter course'........?

When Town Manager Joe Fernandes is sooooo emotionally invested in supporting Plainridge after the Gam[bl]ing Commission disqualified their application.....doesn't something SMELL?

What gives, Joe? You intercept mail and emails, throw temper tantrums when anyone asks questions...threaten, silence and bully......

Whose payroll are you on?

“ 'We’ve come too far to alter course,' Town Administrator Joseph Fernandes said Thursday in an interview..." — as Plainville drove off the cliff and into the abyss.

What a reckless, ill-considered comment to make. Do the selectmen plan to meet before the public to talk about what has happened? Will they even consider these developments in an open meeting? Or will they continue to move toward a slots casino with their "partners" at Plainridge, as they have been for a decade and more? 

Plainville officials press ahead with slots parlor planning

By John Swinconeck and Jose Martinez


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