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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Plainridge's Past Conduct Needs To Be Considered!

The past conduct of Plainridge has been particularly problematic and needs to seriously be considered during this process.

Please attend the Plainville Planning Board meeting MONDAY, AUGUST 5TH and raise your concerns.

If you live in Plainville or a surrounding community, it's important to recognize that the future EXPANSION of Plainridge into a Full-Blown Casino without amenities was discussed openly during an Educational Forum conducted by the Gaming Commission.
Plainville Town Manager, Joe Fernandes attended that hearing, yet no provisions for future EXPANSION are incuded with the AGREEMENT. There are numerous other issues not included in the agreement as well - including WATER and WASTEWATER that will cost ratepayers dearly.

Plainville was told they lacked water and would be forced to buy water from Rhode Island. Suddenly, they have enough water?

There are too many unanswered questions, including those below that folks need to stand up and ask in a public forum.

  • A letter from Plainville resident to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission about their upcoming decision as to the fitness of Plainridge to operate a gaming facility:

    Dear Commissioner Crosby,

    As you are making your decision about whether to allow Plainridge to move ahead in the application process or be disqualified because of concerns about the toleration of Mr. Piontowski's "cash withdrawals," I hope you consider these facts, as well:

    • Plainridge was in violation of the Massachusetts charitable gaming laws for more than a decade with their so-called "Plainridge Raffle." The Attorney General has recently concluded the investigation about the raffle, and Plainridge has agreed not to repeat their offense. Why the AGO has seen fit to treat the matter with such laissez faire is beyond me, especially when Plainridge — with their many lawyers always at the ready — must have known they were breaking the law. Moreover, while the AGO has found that no charitable monies were misspent, they ignored the fact that Plainridge used the raffle to ingratiate themselves to a town in which they have lobbied for expanded gambling almost since they opened the track. Plainridge received a great deal from running illegal charitable gaming — they garnered the goodwill and loyalty of residents who were not aware that laws were being broken on their behalf.

    The AGO refuses to give me anything in writing about the case. Perhaps they'll be more forthcoming for you.

    • As you know, Plainridge sued Thomas Keen, a resident of Plainville and a co-founder of No Plainville Racino, for defamation due to an anonymous posting on the group's Facebook page. Mr. Keen successfully defended himself in court, and Plainridge dropped their subsequent appeal, citing "more important matters" (around the time they were ridding themselves of Mr. Piontkowski).

    • In response to an inquiry about the projected length of blasting at the track earlier this year, residents who live on Harness Path (abutting Plainridge) were told that Plainridge is in possession of a 1999 Mutual Non-Interference Agreement between Francis Daddario and GTWO, LLC that could mean a serious lawsuit if anyone living on Harness Path dares to speak up against anything going on or anything that they fear might go on at Plainridge. The Mutual Non-Interference Agreement is a matter of pubic record (Norfolk Registry of Deeds, BK 13350, PG 416, recorded 99 Apr -2) and is attached here.

    The agreement says that the parties are "not to object to any such future development plans of the other by any of the following means: oral or written opposition to governmental permits, approvals, and or rezoning, at or in connection with hearings, town meetings, administrative proceedings and/or administrative or judicial appeals." The threat to use this Agreement against the residents of Harness Path to keep them from speaking at "hearings, town meetings, etc." when they live so close and are among the most affected from the addition of slots is a serious one, indeed, and should be considered when weighing the fitness of Plainridge to operate a gaming facility in our town.

    Mary-Ann Greanier

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