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Monday, August 5, 2013

Plainridge: “a culture of fear and concealment pervasive in the operations”

A very special thanks to Mary-Ann Greanier who continued to ask the Attorney General's office about their investigation of the ILLEGAL Plainridge Raffle that violated Massachusetts Charitable Gaming Laws, for researching the deed restriction that Plainridge used to intimidate and silence abutters forced to endure ENDLESS BLASTING in their backyards, for T.J. for standing up to the SLAPP suit brought by Plainridge intended to silence any opposition......

and dubious appreciation for Gary Piontkowski for revealing his inability to be trusted.....that most of us recognized long ago.

Dishonorable mention for the town leaders who failed to act to protect Plainville's Future, ignoring complaints, silencing the public and to Town Manager Joe Fernandes who genuflected too deeply....

Dishonorable mention to the media for ignoring concerns, and falling in love with the 'charismatic' Gary Piontkowski, as Mark Aresenault described him.

Gaming Commission Disqualifies Plainridge Slots Parlor

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