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Sunday, August 11, 2013

“All Politics Is Local”

Casino-Free Co-Chairs John Seaver and Steve Trettel recently spoke with “All Politics Is Local” host John Tehan about the other side of the Foxwoods story. They argue that Foxwoods has continued to present a rosy picture to the residents of Milford, reassuring us that not only will our current traffic headaches go away, but that we will find water and boost the local economy. According to Trettel, “Casino-Free Milford folks were the only ones trying to get out the remainder of the facts.” Of their rosy picture and promises to Milford residents, John Seaver , a former Milford Selectman with experience in town negotiations argued, “As soon as you give them the license, they hire whomever they want to hire. Once they don’t need you anymore, all bets are off. They’re in charge and they’re going to do what they want.”

Watch here for the rest of the story….

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