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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Location doesn't matter.....Taxpayers will subsidize wealthy Gambling investors.....

Location doesn't matter.
The math is the same. The results are the same.
Taxpayers will subsidize wealthy Gambling investors
as communities are destroyed by increased crime,
increased: gambling addiction, child and spousal
abuse, personal bankruptcies, investigation and
enforcement costs, court costs, prison costs, yadda,
yadda.... you know the family destruction that accompanies
Predatory Gambling.
Detroit is bankrupt with all of its gambling venues.
Illinois has legalized slot machines wherever and is destined for the
Atlantic City is on the verge of bankruptcy with Governor Christie
pretending sports betting and internet gambling will create a
Renaissance sucking discretionary income from local businesses
and true job creation.
How much more evidence do we need to define a 'loser'?
[MGM Mirage] ...has nearly $13 billion in outstanding debt.
Democratic lawmakers often blame the low spending for the state's ranking on what they call the bottom of all the good lists and the top of all the bad lists. Nevada has among the highest number of uninsured children and suicide rates and among the lowest reading scores and college degrees per capita.
Three years after casinos were legalized in the small town of Deadwood, S.D., felony crimes had increased by 40 percent, child abuse had increased by 42 percent, and domestic violence assaults had risen 80 percent. In Indiana, a review of the state's gaming commission records revealed that 72 children were found abandoned on casino premises during a 14-month period.
The taxpayers are immediately required to fork over $5 million to help the governor negotiate a compact with the Wampanoag Tribe before July, 2012.
And the Gam[bl]ing Commission cost....?
Simple math by Senator Tucker: Casino Dollars Will Simply Pour In! Not!
All the while preying on innocent victims, your neighbors. your friends or
your family who get sucked into Gambling Addiction, the Crack Cocaine
of Addiction for a few low wage jobs?

It makes no sense in New Hampshire.
It makes no sense in Massachusetts.
The Gambling Market is oversaturated, revenue overstated,
job creation exaggerated.

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