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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Casino Dollars Will Simply Pour In! Not!

SIMPLE MATH is not so simple on Beacon Hill!

God Bless Senator Tucker for offering a simple math lesson today!

Casino Shills, after counting Massachusetts license plates, have determined that CT Casinos get


Of that, at 25% tax, Massachusetts MIGHT collect


if Massachusetts 're-captured' 100% of that expenditure.

BUT - Innovation projects that Massachusetts will only 're-capture' about




Spectrum Gaming projected that the Massahcusetts Lottery would lose


with legalized casino gambling.

Then there's that Pesky MASSIVE STATE REGULATORY BUREAUCRACY that Senator Rosenberg doesn't want to put a number on - Is it $20 MILLION? $50 MILLION?

Sounds like a loser however you add and subtract.

Senator Tucker, A special thanks for doing the complicated math the rest of your colleagues can't do!


Skoorey said...

Can you tell me if they voted for some amendments to the bill today? Specifically, the one Menard introduced to change the wording of the covenant on the land the Mashpees bought in Fall River? It was statutorily set that no gaming or landfills could be placed on that land. She is trying to change that with an amendment to the casino gaming bill. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Middleboro Review said...

No! They didn't vote on anything.

A number of Senators spoke, several cautioned against provisions that have been included within the legislation.

We are pleased with the Senators who opposed expanding predatory gambling for their thoughtful amendments to make a bad bill less bad. At the end of the day it is still a wrong-headed direction for the Commonwealth that has been fueled by special interests not data.

With deliberate intention the House and Senate have ignored the costs of bringing this predatory industry to Massachusetts.

USS Mass will continue to oppose the legalization of casinos and slot parlors, we look forward to having the opportunities to educate our fellow taxpayers, citizens and elected officials on the true costs of doing business with the gambling industry.