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Friday, August 2, 2013

Mark Arsenault's Colonoscopy......A Meaningless Re-Hash

They're picking you pocket and you can't even depend on the Boston Globe to ask questions!
Another meaningless fluff piece by Mark Arsenault in which he merely 'takes attendance,' failing to travel beyond the colonoscopy. Ignored is the BAFFLING RAFFLE conducted by Plainridge for many years ....was it 14 years? that violated the charitable gaming statute and no one wants to address, discuss or put in writing - least of all the Attorney General running for Governor.

Instead of doing their job, journalists aren't asking if Mr. Piontkowski paid taxes on those .... 'mbezzled'funds. Who else knew? What records were kept? Who was short-changed ? Was it Plainville, the Commonwealth, the Horsemen? How was this audited?

Why is abuse of the law being ignored? This is what Massachusetts has to look forward to with Predatory Gambling and a Bought-And-Paid-For government!

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