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Monday, April 27, 2015

No to Brockton casino

The YouTube video below is of REVEL, the twice bankrupt Mega Monster in Atlantic City that CLOSED:

Why would Massachusetts believe it is 'DIFFERENT' and exempt from the problems experienced elsewhere with Predatory Gambling?

DONNA LEWIS, Brockton: No to Brockton casino

Posted Apr. 27, 2015 at 12:01 AM
Updated at 7:17 AM 

I vote no for a casino in Brockton. I believe it will cause more violence, poverty and hungry, homeless children. Why bring another addiction into this already addicted city.
Can't Mayor Bill Carpenter and other city officials figure another more productive way to bring revenue and jobs to Brockton? Ways to not encourage more crime?

COLLEEN ROBERTS, Brockton: Casino isn’t the right solution for Brockton

Posted Apr. 22, 2015 at 8:54 PM
Updated Apr 22, 2015 at 8:57 PM 

In regards to the proposed casino here in Brockton, I’d like to express my strong no vote (“Brockton casino proposal coming down to ‘yes’ or ‘no,’” April 15).
I don’t believe a casino is the answer to the many needs the city of Brockton has. As residents of the city since 1983 and having raised our children here, my husband and I have a deep concern about the city’s future. The bright picture that the gaming company and Mayor Bill Carpenter are painting has a dark underbelly that will suck the life out of our city.
When I was growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, at one point my family lived near a horse racing track. My father gambled, (mostly poker), but he also delved into the ponies. One payday he lost his entire check and we had an empty refrigerator. Imagine that happening thousands of times over when hardworking people hope for riches and end up in rags.
The gaming company is out to make the owners wealthy, not the residents of Brockton and the surrounding towns. I believe that the cities and towns around casinos do not prosper and that gambling invites more crime. As if we don’t have enough drugs, gang activity, prostitution, murders and other crimes of our own to deal with! Our children and young people deserve better than this.
The gaming company will promise the world to get a foothold in Brockton. I don’t believe the company will deliver on any of it. The casino will come, make its millions, and leave our city worse off.
There is a better way to change our beloved Brockton into the kind of city families will flock to.

Harrah's [now Caesars, the bankrupt disaster]] determined that 90% of their profits came from 10% of their patrons, a fact they have never disputed. 

The Gambling Industry exists only by creating NEW Gambling Addicts. 

Studies have determined that proximity increases GAMBLING ADDICTION - the closer a Slot Barn is to you, the more likely you'll GAMBLE, the more likely you or someone you know will become a GAMBLING ADDICT.

When a public hearing was conducted in Raynham, no single person asked questions about Parx Gambling operation in Pennsylvania. 

In 2011, I posted this: 
Parx: The McDonald's of Gambling Addiction and Child Abandonment 

Parx, an indistinguishable Slot Barn, has become the poster child for Child Abandonment..... 

Parx is only casino with child-abandonment problem..... 

"You said 150 to 200 times a year," he repeated. "That's three to four times a week, essentially." 

"Yes," Jonas confirmed, most of his players fit that profile. In fact, because Parx players tend to live within 20 miles of Street Road, many go even more frequently. 

"We have customers," Jonas boasted, "who give us $25, $30 five times a week." 

At the end of the Yellow Brick Road, there is NO Wizard and no Magic Formula for politicians bereft of ideas who allow themselves to be dazzled by false promises

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