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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Poarch Creek to Gov. Rick Scott: Pot or Slots!


Poarch Creek offer choice between gambling and marijauna to Gov. Scott

The Associated Press is reporting that the Alabama-based Poarch Creek Band of Indians wants to move gambling sites into Florida. Facing opposition, tribal leaders say they try a new negotiation strategy.
Rebuffed so far by Gov. Rick Scott, the Poarch Creek Band of Indians is suggesting it might adopt a hardball negotiating stance: Let us offer gambling in a few Florida locations, or we could consider growing and selling marijuana on our property.
Tribal leaders are contesting their right to build a gambling site on the Florida side of the Florida/Alabama line near the Wind Creek Casino they already operate in Atmore, Ala.
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Poarch Creeks To Rick Scott: Let Us Open Casino In North Escambia, Or We’ll Start Selling Pot

February 21, 2015

A single acre of land in North Escambia may be taking center stage in the future of gambling in Florida, or it may just become a one-stop marijuana shop.

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians really want the small parcel in the Nokomis community to be the home of their next gaming facility. They are currently constructing a large metal building that covers a majority of the acre, about five miles west of Highway 97 on Nokomis Road. They are officially calling the structure a “warehouse”, but its true future use remains to be seen.

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