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Sunday, February 15, 2015

NJ's Addiction to Gambling Revenues

Massachusetts ‘GAMING’ Future
When it comes to filling state gambling tax coffers lawmakers will let casino operators do whatever they want. There are even rumors that in the near future the casinos in Atlantic City will be offering the game that’s in this link.
(AP) – February 13, 2015
NJ OKs skill-based gambling with hoops betting
An Atlantic City casino is about to redefine casino gambling by making part of it solely dependent on physical skill rather than luck.
Executives at The Borgata tell The Associated Press they've gotten permission from state gambling regulators to host a basketball contest next month in which players shoot free throws for money.
It's the first of what promises to be many skill-based events that let gamblers take greater control over the outcomes of their bets, rather than relying on a roll of the dice, spin of the wheel or deal of the cards.
For a $20 buy-in, contestants will compete in 90-second rounds. The top four finishers will split $10,000, with the winner getting $5,000.

Borgata vice president Joe Lupo says anyone can play, even professional athletes.

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