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Friday, February 6, 2015

...latest schemes to fill budget gaps reveal the abject desperation....

Letter: Casinos and traffic fines = desperation

The latest schemes to fill budget gaps reveal the abject desperation of our legislators to scare up money without inconveniencing their benefactors: the 1 percent ["OTB relents on casino," News, Feb. 1].

In what rational plan are video slot machines and automated traffic fines a benefit to our citizens? These schemes simply siphon money from our middle class while offering nothing in return -- not education, not culture, not tourism, not infrastructure improvement. And then officials are shocked when we protest.
At least Las Vegas casinos give you dinner and a show before emptying your wallet and leaving you in an alley!

Legislators, if you are really this bereft of ideas, would you please step down and let people with more imagination and integrity take a crack at it?

Daryl Altman, Lynbrook

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