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Monday, November 3, 2014

Please share this message...

We're in the final day of the campaign. Today, we're including a Dear Friend Letter that we encourage you to send to your neighbors, friends, and family members. You can simply copy and paste into your own email and send to everyone on your list. I've also included a version for Microsoft Word.

Feel free to send as is or add some personal touches about why you believe Massachusetts should remain casino-free.

Thank you,

John Ribeiro


Dear Friend,

Grand jury indictments, conflicts of interest, allegations of cronyism; though not one casino has opened here in Massachusetts, we've already seen the corrupt casino culture creep into Massachusetts life. Fortunately, for you and me, we can stop the mess in just a few days.

Casinos have opened their doors in more than three dozen states across the nation, including the oversaturated Northeast market, where five casinos have gone under in Atlantic City, revenues have been lost in Connecticut, and yet, as many as seven new casinos are planned across our border in upstate New York.

In city after city and state after state, we've seen the true costs. Crime will increase in myriad ways-domestic violence and drunk driving, embezzlement, and thefts. Problem gamblers will increase by two to three times their current levels, straining already limited social services and affecting families. Lottery aid will decrease and local businesses will be forced to lay off workers.

Out-of-state casino bosses have spent millions, more than $7.5 million and counting as of today. The promises of thousands of jobs, burgeoning state coffers, and less tax burdens to citizens have been made before. Let me tell you this, they're empty promises that have failed to materialize time and again.

The Massachusetts Gambling Commission, the very entity designed to protect us, has been a complicit co-conspirator in the mess. In fact, the Chairman of the Commission was forced to recuse himself from the most important decision put before him, the award of the Boston Region license to billionaire Steve Wynn. A decision which resulted in federal indictments for the current landowners.

The evidence is clear. Casinos are wrong for Massachusetts. They're bad for communities, bad for small businesses, and bad for your family and mine. Together, on Tuesday, November 4, we can vote yes to stop the casino mess.

Take 30 seconds to watch our newest ad, "A Family Story." You can also engage with us on Twitter, Facebook, and through our website, as your voice maximizes our reach. For other ways to join the campaign, please donate, and follow us on social media.

Thank you for your support!

John Ribeiro


Repeal the Casino Deal

P.S. Please forward this message on to at least 10 of your friends and family members.


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