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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Judge says Tonkins trying to stall $845K embezzlement trial

Massachusetts ‘Gaming’ Future
Looks are deceiving especially when it comes to thief by those who have a casino gambling addiction. This is proof of the importance of my idea for casino monthly statements. Not only would they be an awaking call when showing ones wins and mostly losses, they would also help employers to keep an eye out on those employees who are gambling in casinos. They will also make casino operators do what they won’t do now, and that is to intervene when their patrons are gambling excessively. The reason for this is because the statements will produce a paper trail showing how casinos cultivate their patrons into casino gambling degenerates who in most cases become criminals. This could lead to winnable law-suites for family members when a loved one destroys themselves and others from their casino gambling addiction.
The Morning Call - November 21, 2014 - Judge says Tonkins trying to stall $845K embezzlement trial
Prosecutors say Nancy Tonkin, the former utility supervisor for South Whitehall Township, stole $845,000 in taxpayer money and, along with her husband, used the cash to finance a gambling habit.
She and her husband then deposited the cash into their personal bank accounts, prosecutors allege.
Investigators say the couple visited numerous casinos, including Sands in Bethlehem, Parx in Bucks County, Mount Airy in Monroe County, Mohegan Sun near Wilkes-Barre and several in Atlantic City.

Just nine days before their $845,000 embezzlement trial is set to begin, Nancy and William Tonkin drew the ire of a Lehigh County judge on Friday by...

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