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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How the casino culture exploits gambling addicts

Massachusetts ‘Gaming’ Future
A very informative article on what our lawmakers say is a form of entertainment that’s no different than going to the ballpark or theater, 'CASINO GAMBLING.'
Pop City - November 19, 2014 - Pittsburgh's biggest losers: How the casino culture exploits gambling addicts
Cody McDevitt
Slots ring. The shouts of winners and losers fill the vast room. Some have lost their mortgage payment. A few leave with enough money for a trip to some exotic location bereft of the extreme jubilation and despair at this casino on Pittsburgh’s North Shore.
Gordon Nored felt the despair. He had lost that night at craps. He stood back from the table, watching as other players continued to place their bets.
“Everyone is chasing an illusion,” Nored said. “I believe the casinos in Pittsburgh, with most cities, the casinos pretty much suck our city dry. It’s like that carrot on a stick … you have to let people get the carrot, to keep the illusion going. Most people who go to the casino wouldn’t mind going on without it.
“It makes you wonder why you gamble to begin with when you just want your money back.”


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