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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Propaganda & Hallucinations: All Things Travel: Out-Of-State Casinos Beating Plainridge Slot Bar

One only had to consider comparisons from the AGA's [American Gaming Association] web site. 

These words from former Attorney General Scott Harshbarger and Gov. Michael Dukakis: 

After jobs, the argument for casinos is that they provide a new state revenue stream. But the numbers don’t add up.

Commonwealth Magazine reported that in order to reach the revenue estimates when the bill was unveiled — of between $1.4 billion and $1.9 billion — somewhere between $5.6 billion and $7.2 billion must be bet and lost at the two proposed casinos every year.

In Las Vegas, it takes 266 casinos to bring in $11.6 billion in gross revenue, which translates into $924 million in tax revenue. Even the $300 million to $600 million now estimated here is a stretch based on that data.

To read the article in its entirety:
What’s the big hurry? 

The projections are deliberately OVERSTATED to sell PREDATORY GAMBLING to voters and to dazzle elected officials. 


We tried to tell them....

All Things Travel: Out-Of-State Casinos Beating Plainridge Park


BOSTON (CBS) — As the year comes to a close, Plainridge Park Casino is finishing in fourth place in the New England gaming race behind Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and Twin River in Rhode Island.

The numbers don’t add up for Massachusetts’ first gaming establishment.

At a time when the state’s unemployment is low at five percent and the average family is paying about $600 less each year to buy gas, gamblers are choosing to travel out-of state.

A couple of other gambling options may also be hurting Plainridge. Fantasy sports are an easier alternative for younger players, and the availability of higher price lottery scratch tickets may be a factor.

The popularity of Connecticut casinos can be seen in the prices that Mohegan Sun is charging for New Year’s Eve and January weekends. One-third of their guests are expected to come from Massachusetts by car and bus.

New Year’s Eve is priced at $799 for a room, and Jan. 1 is sold out at Mohegan.

On Jan. 9, the announced price is $499. However, frequent customers will pay less. If you come Monday or Tuesday during the first week of the year, your reward’s card might entitle you to a free room depending on availability.

At Foxwoods, they are getting ready for the second Boston Red Sox fan weekend of fun and games featuring retired players before the start of spring training on Jan. 23.

On recent visits to both Plainridge and Twin River on a Monday afternoon, people playing the slots didn’t draw a crowd.

What was crowded was the live action of Blackjack at the tables in Rhode Island. The food options at Twin River are better.

Then, there is the situation of the ATMs at Plainridge.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has made it so banking machines will not be allowed at casinos, and that’s true. They’re not allowed on the floor where slot machines are located, but if you step into the food court or near the entrance, that’s where you’ll find them.

The original estimate was that Massachusetts’ first casino would take in more than $200 million in its first year. However, the year-end figure could be nearly half of that amount.

In Plainridge on New Year’s Eve, a big night out, the casino is offering $25,000 in free slot play, or $2,016 every hour.

Resort casinos in Everett and Springfield will show much higher results. People are always looking for new ways to lose their money at a resort casino.

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