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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The loss of Steve Wynn's MA casino license

We submitted the comments below to the MA Gambling Commission as they begin an emergency "suitability review" of Steve Wynn for a MA casino license. The Commission is meeting today at 2pm. I encourage you to let them hear your voice as well by sending comments to

January 31, 2018

RE: Comments Regarding Suitability Review of Steve Wynn for Massachusetts Casino License

To the Massachusetts Gambling Commission:

As the Commission examines the growing sexual abuse scandal engulfing casino operator Steve Wynn, we are writing to ask your suitability review center on one central question:

“Is The Wall Street Journal investigative report about Wynn’s sexual abuse of women accurate or did The Wall Street Journal get it wrong?”

If the Commission’s review finds The Wall Street Journal reported the facts accurately, then Wynn is a sexual predator who would not pass a suitability standard for any vocation except for inmate. His license should be revoked immediately.
Les Bernal
National Director
Stop Predatory Gambling
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