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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Wall Street Journal report on Steve Wynn's sexual abuse of women

The Wall Street Journal just posted its investigation into casino owner Steve Wynn's sexual abuse of his female employees.
Wynn's decades-long sexual abuse of female employees deserves the same intense media scrutiny as Harvey Weinstein.
Wynn has been even more of an Untouchable than Weinstein, despite running a business based on exploitation (and one that openly fuels sex trafficking.)
Key findings from the story include:
  • Wynn, one of the most powerful men in the global casino business, pressured employees to perform sex acts.
  • Wynn paid $7.5 million to a manicurist after a 2005 incident that she described to others as forced sex.
  • Former employees said they sometimes entered fake appointments in the books to help other female workers get around a request for services in Wynn’s office or arranged for others to pose as assistants so they wouldn’t be alone with him. They told of female employees hiding in the bathroom or backrooms when they learned he was on the way to the salon.
There is probably no city in America where women are treated worse than in Las Vegas. News coverage of Wynn's sexual abuse should cast a wider spotlight on the gambling business like Weinstein's predatory behavior did for Hollywood.
Les Bernal
National Director
Stop Predatory Gambling
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