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Sunday, August 7, 2016

New casino would just create more problems

Letter: New casino would just create more problems

New casino would just create more problems
I agree 100 percent with the Butte County Board of Supervisors in their opposition to a new casino down off of Highway 149 near Chico. This area doesn’t need another casino that is designed by engineers to do nothing but take your money.
These casinos are designed to not only take your money but designed to turn thousand of its visitors into addicts. This is true, every new casino creates 12,000 new addicts. Casinos have the best marketing people in the business. They know how to draw people in and once they are in, they transform them into addicts, addicts that litterally will lose every dime they receive each month to live on. I’ve see the very worst of this happen, where people will spend all of their medication money, rent money, car payment money, food money and destroy marriages, lose jobs, go homeless because of this addiction, and end up on the streets.
Any new casino will take your money to pay off the casino before any one sees a dime in winnings. And don’t think for one minute that the casinos care about anything except the bottom line. I believe the rights of the Indian nations to be sovereign only if the non Indians are not cheated out of millions of dollars on fixed slot machines.
— Darryl Gorham, Oroville

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