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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Crocodile tears shed over gambling’s victims

Crocodile tears shed over gambling’s victims

Times Colonist
JULY 12, 2016 12:35 AM

Re: “Gambling left mountain of debt for 91-year-old woman,” July 10.
How sad was the story relating the bankruptcy and harm suffered by Elfriede Lippa from her gambling addiction.
Recently, Victoria won the competition with Saanich for another casino, to the accolades of many. Drowned in the celebrations were voices of concern and dissent.
Government-sanctioned gambling is a voluntary tax on the poor, the addicted, the desperate and the most vulnerable in our society. It is not just money but relationships, health and self-respect that gradually disappear.
B.C. Lottery Corporation sheds crocodile tears over the massive suffering many endure, such as Lippa, who lost so much. Token support is offered as a concession to public conscience.
If I were merely self-serving, I would welcome government zealously gouging citizens so that my taxes might be lower.
In that case, I would suggest that government become involved in other questionable, but profitable, activities. Regulated prostitution and selling of recreational drugs should generate billions for the public coffers.
And just as in the case of gambling, we could close our eyes, hold our noses, and call it a virtue.
John Billett 
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