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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Casinos bring a host of social ills

Casinos bring a host of social ills

Times Colonist
June 19, 2016

Re: “Victoria bets on casino, submits possible sites,” June 17.
I am against having any new casinos in the capital region. I do not want my tax dollars supporting an enterprise that has been seriously questioned with regard to the social costs incurred. Nor do I want to benefit from these government tax windfalls.
Casinos cause more social ills in the long run than can ever be accrued through taxation. Addiction issues and money-laundering, and a myriad of social consequences from those two alone, are enough for us to step back and question such a move.
And do Victoria or Saanich have to duplicate enterprises that seem to exist everywhere?
Mayors and councillors should ask their constituents if they are in support of casinos in the rush to acquire more and more tax dollars. They should ask their constituents for ideas for generating tax dollars as we attempt to keep our physical and social environment heading in a green and socially conscious direction.
They might be surprised by the creative responses they receive.
Casinos are not the answer.
Janice Ball
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