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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Casino Rooms licence up for review after almost 60 crimes committed there in six months

Casino Rooms licence up for review after almost 60 crimes committed there in six months

03 June 2016
by Lynn Cox

Police have asked for Medway's largest nightclub to have its licence reviewed due to "high levels of crime".
The force made the application to Medway Council because it says at least 58 offences happened at the Casino Rooms in central Rochester in just six months - 31 involving violence.
Officers say other incidents which happened in the area were also highly likely to be linked to the night spot in Blue Boar Lane.
The Casino Rooms
PC Christopher Hill, who works for the licencing department at Medway Police Station in Gillingham, applied for the review.
In a report published before the licencing meeting next week, he says despite an ongoing partnership between the management at the club and officers, an agreement on what to do to bring levels of crime down has not been reached.
He goes on to state the venue has failed to promote the licensing Act 2003, in particular, those of public safety.
A total of 94 crime reports were generated there in 2015 and over the six month period between October last year and January this year, there were 39 offences recorded.
These include three grievous bodily harm offences, 13 actual bodily harm offences, one affray and 18 theft offences.
Following the increase in crime at the site, police asked for a meeting with the management of the club and met with its owner, Aaron Stone and operations manager Ross Hutchins, to suggest changes to the premises licence to reduce the risk of incidents and implement crime prevention measures.
Further meetings took place and police wanted to see a list of eight conditions implemented, including better CCTV coverage and training for staff who sell alcohol.
However, two conditions could not be agreed upon, hence why officers requested the review.
It will be considered by the licensing committee on Tuesday.

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