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Friday, April 1, 2016

Genting Malaysia adds another resort casino in the US - Mashpee Wampanoag Taunton, Aqueduct, Resorts World

The Greatest 1% SCAM is CASINO GAMBLING! 

Genting got the tactics right by contributing to political campaigns, hiring well-connected lobbyists and much else. 

The less educated among us rush to embrace having $$$ sucked from their pockets. 

Politicians relish having their over-inflated egos stroked......Sit back and watch! 
It's a sight to behold!

And Tribes allow themselves to follow the Pot O'Gold Folly. 

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Friday, 1 April 2016 | MYT 8:59 PM

Genting Malaysia adds another resort casino in the US

KUALA LUMPUR: Genting Malaysia Bhd (GenM) will manage First Light Resort & Casino, an Indian-destination resort casino in Massachusetts, United States, to be built by the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe.

GenM said in a statement that the appointment as the manager, which is pending approval from the National Indian Gaming Commission, was expected to be for seven years starting from the opening of the 900-room resort casino in Taunton.

The GenM group does not have any equity interest in the project or the tribe, which is sovereign. It has, however, invested US$249.5mil (RM968.1mil) in interest bearing promissory notes issued by the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Gaming Authority for the initial development phase of the project. 

“The investment in notes allows the group to enhance the returns expected from its involvement in the project,” GenM said.

The resort casino would be opened in phases, it said, without giving a timeline. When fully completed, First Light Resort & Casino will feature, among others, a high-concept 150,000 sq ft casino featuring 3,000 slots, 150 gaming tables and 40 poker tables.

There will also be a luxury hotel complete with spa, a large pool and meeting facilities; a mid-range hotel with a 15,000 sq ft convention centre and a 200-seater 24-hour restaurant; a family hotel consisting of a 25,000 sq ft indoor/outdoor water park; and retail shopping destinations and food outlets.

GenM said the group’s foray into the gaming industry in Massachusetts is expected to complement and further establish its growing presence in the US, where it already has operations and developments in the states of New York and Florida.

Besides Resorts World Genting, GenM owns and operates Resorts World Casino New York City, Resorts World Bimini, Resorts World Birmingham and other casinos in the UK.

Genting Malaysia to Run Taunton Casino on Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Behalf

Nassau VLT deal could be a winner, but what do taxpayers get?

Nassau County may have just hit the jackpot with the VLT deal at Aqueduct Racetrack, and if the cards are played right, a lot of players will have chances to cash in.
For years, Nassau County and the Nassau Downs Off-Track Betting Corp. have been battling to site 1,000 video-lottery terminals. But first with a Westbury site, then at Belmont Park, proposals were annihilated by community pressure.
Now, after weeks of secret negotiations and extensive work by State Sen. Jack Martins and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, lawmakers in Albany are set to approve a state budget that will authorize the placement of Nassau’s machines at Resorts World Casino at Aqueduct Racetrack, where Genting New York LLC already operates 5,400 machines. Nassau OTB will get $9 million annually in the first two years while Genting gets the operation rolling, then $25 million a year in perpetuity, plus raises for inflation.
In theory, that means the county will get the revenue it needs from a casino without the responsibility and headaches of building and running one.
After Nassau’s losing record in trying to site a VLT casino, this is a gift. Whether $25 million annually is too little remains to be seen. The money, however, first goes to Nassau OTB, which takes a cut, and then to the county. How much of the cash the floundering OTB soaks up, though, for really doing no work beyond cashing a check is a big question. If Nassau OTB can’t support itself on racing alone, it needs to fold. Using this new stream of county revenue to bolster horse racing is a bad bet. This money is for the taxpayers.
Overall, farming out the machines to Genting seems like a winning move. Having VLTs at both Aqueduct and Belmont, about 10 miles from each other, wouldn’t have been a wise use of resources.

We’ve learned from these clandestine budget negotiations that the fine print always has secrets. From what we know now, however, the deal satisfies many needs and quiets more than a few concerns. The county will gets its money, or at least what it can pry clear of the OTB, and the community can stop agitating about VLTs. Most important, however, Aqueduct and Belmont sites get a shot at a better future.
Horse racing has been in trouble for years, and the New York Racing Association has been tasked with creating a future for the three tracks the state owns. This deal clears the way for closing the track at Aqueduct and moving its races to a year-round track at Belmont. That could bring needed development to western Nassau. Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if Genting dusts off plans to use that extra space from the track for a full casino, hotels and convention facilities.
In 2011, the article below was published. 

A day later the site was hacked. 

When the site was restored, this article was absent, yet for some reason I has preserved it in its entirety. [Please avoid the temptation to hack this site because the article has been preserved elsewhere in its entirety and a new blog will be created containing this article.] 

The contents are worrisome, yet never addressed. 

Because Genting has been the Mashpee Wampanoag's Sugar Daddy, they have escaped scrutiny, an issue raised with the Massachusetts Gambling Commission and ignored. 

Genting is the current Gambling Investor supporting the Mashpee Wampanoag lifestyle.

Genting Connected to Islamic Extremists?

The money rush is on. A shady, but well-heeled Asian casino gambling giant swoops into town, buys an outdated office facility and valuable underlying real estate from the Miami Herald and launches a multi-million dollar campaign to approve non-Indian casino gambling in Florida and put a license on the former Miami Herald tract.

Kuala Lumpur-based Genting has multinational operations in tourism, resorts, gambling, plantations, power generation, and oil and gas. Genting’s market capitalization value, or net worth, reached $46 billion at the end of last year — making it one of Malaysia’s largest companies.

The Miami Herald suspends their normally skeptical eye, conducts no due-diligence on their new Chinese friends from Malaysia and their newspaper becomes a public relations machine for a client they don’t even really know.

Every glad-handing semi-corrupt politician in Miami-Dade and the City of Miami with their hand out will be jumping on the Genting gravy train. Genting is a target for every con-man lobbyist/political consultant/PR man which Miami-Dade County abounds with.

Recently a group of “Community Leaders” were flown to South East Asia including visits to Genting casinos in Malaysia and Singapore. Genting refuses to disclose the names of “Community Leaders” – including elected officials – who were flown to South East Asia in a private luxury jet and wined and dined at 5-Star resorts reserved for high-rollers in the Asian gaming world.

World Resorts Genting, also known as Genting Highlands, opened in 1965 and is the company’s flagship resort in Malaysia. The resort features Malaysia’s only land-based casino, six hotels, three theme parks, a convention center, and numerous restaurants and nightclubs, among other attractions.

Resorts World Sentosa, which opened last year in Singapore, features one of the world’s most expensive casinos, six hotels, a Universal Studios theme park and a Marine Life Park, among other features. The Florida Delegation visited both, reportedly racking up more than $790,000 worth of hotel, restaurant, spa and entertainment costs in both 5-Star resorts.

Genting has retained a team of slick lobbyists including Jonathan Kilman, with the law firm of Foley & Lardner. Kilman’s partner, Chris Kise, is under investigation for erasing email records generated during Governor Rick Scott’s Inauguration. The missing emails are thought to contain correspondence exposing the business dealings of Kise and Scott’s political adviser Enu Mainigi. Scott has ordered the FDLE review. Kise insists the emails were erased accidently. Foley and Lardner’s influence in the Governor’s office is not likely to be strong in 2012. 

Before it’s over, expect that Genting, their lobbyists, and other retainers, will lavish the Republican Party of Florida and other selected party redistricting vehicles with millions of dollars. They’ll even buy Governor Rick Scott a golden toilet seat for the Governors mansion is he wants!

Genting, the Asian casino giant, does not hold a casino gaming license in any U.S. jurisdiction that has serious regulation. New York State requires relatively little scrutiny in the contract Genting has with the State of New York to operate slot machines at Aqueduct Racetrack.

Genting made millions of dollars as the money-men behind two controversial Indian Casino gaming developments in the Eastern United States. In both cases, Genting operations were directed by G. Michael Brown, a former New Jersey Attorney General who was later charged with embezzlement and cocaine use in the Seneca Tribal Court.

Brown was charged with putting various mistresses on the casino payroll and using casino funds to pay for luxury condominiums, imported sports cars and expensive jewelry for them. Brown famously drove a 4-door sedan owned by the Seneca Tribe through the picture window of a Niagara Falls resident while driving drunk.

Genting was the financier of the Seneca Niagara Casino Hotel in Niagara Falls, New York. Genting charged the tribe an exorbitant 28 percent interest rate, potentially in violation of the Indian Gaming Regulations under the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Genting also stayed in the deal for almost 15 years when they were legally limited to five. Seneca Tribal Council members have testified that armed Chinese thugs showed up to collect Genting’s money when tribal lawyers pointed out that Genting was violating the law.
All of this became known to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs, which held hearings and launched an investigation into corruption in the Indian gaming industry in the United States. But what the Senate Committee found out about Genting was even more disturbing: an apparent pattern of multi-million dollar payments to Islamic extremist organizations in Malaysia who most definitely are not friends of the United States of America.

U.S. Senate Special Committee records regarding Genting and their financing of multiple Islamic-based organizations in Malaysia are classified. Some U.S. Senator needs to launch an investigation to determine whether Genting has relationships that would make their holding a casino license in Miami (a money machine) inappropriate. U.S. Senate staff investigators should get a firm understanding of Genting’s questionable relationships in Malaysia and China.

Genting executives told Senate investigators at the time that the millions of dollars funneled to various Islamic extremist organizations known to finance jihad were made under direst and viewed as a cost of doing business for a Chinese businessman in heavily Islam-run Malaysia. Investigators had reason to be skeptical when photos of K.T. Lim and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il surfaced. The Senate investigators also obtained photos of Lim socializing with at least two Islamic figures wanted by the United States for terrorist activities.
Senate investigators were also interested in K.T. Lim’s relationship with Stanley Ho, the Asian casino magnate who has been identified as a member of the Chinese Triad, the Chinese crime organization, by the U.S. Justice Department and by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Ho has been denied a casino license in every jurisdiction except in Macau and North Korea. Genting has refused to address their business dealings with Ho and his company Shun Tak Holdings Ltd.

While the Miami Herald is telling us that Genting boss K.T. Lim is a brilliant businessman, he could be one of the largest funders of Islamic terrorist activity in Asia. Instead of giving press conferences to the Miami Herald, perhaps K.T. should be interrogated under subpoena by U.S. Senate lawyers.

The Miami-Dade politicians who suck up Genting’s food, drink and accommodations and support Genting’s development will jump off of them like rats when they learn where a substantial portion of Genting’s profits in Florida may be going. Just because Genting has a lot of money doesn’t mean that they are suitable to operate casinos in the United States based on their associations and business practices.

Neither Governor Rick Scott, nor Senate President Mike Haridopolos will agree to casino gaming without a local county referendum. Perhaps Miami’s Cuban voters should decide whether they want to approve a casino for a foreign company who could be financing Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Nothing short of full disclosure of all the finances and holdings of Genting should be required under Florida casino regulation. If they deny ties to radical Islam only full disclosure will verify this claim, a protection the public requires.

New Jersey Casino Control law is considered the toughest in the country and is the model for casino regulation in the rest of the country. Nevada’s regulations are similar, but the process in that small state is “more political.” Florida’s casino regulation must not and cannot be lax. We need to know far, far more about Genting and their friends before they get a casino license in Florida.

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