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Saturday, December 20, 2014

The PA Hoax

Promises! Promises!

It's a sad commentary when Massachusetts voters believed the same propaganda that failed elsewhere.....

Doesn't this sound like the Massachusetts Gambling Commission?

the PA Gambling Commission " ....spent excessively on travel, did not initially investigate new employees thoroughly enough ....."

Massachusetts ‘GAMING’ Future
This is what happened to Gov. Rendell and the other Pa. pro-casino legislators’ promise back in 2004 of eliminating property tax with Pennsylvanians casino losses? And their promise to save the horse racing industry was a joke. The only way they could have done that back then and in today’s casino gambling world, would be for them to go to a Ben-Hur theme, with chariots, whips, swards, and spears. Go to any horse racing track in our country and you will see very few patrons under the age of fifty. The new generation of gamblers those under the age of fifty along with those over the age of fifty who have been introduced to casino gambling don’t have the patience to wait for a horse to run around in a circle to get their fix, they need it instantaneously, and that’s what casino gambling does. In other words, comparing horse racing gambling to casino gambling is like comparing marijuana to crack cocaine.
The Morning Call - December 18, 2014 - Auditor general to investigate if Pa. is getting enough tax relief from gambling
The state auditor general's office will audit the operations of the gaming control board next year with an eye on whether the promises of jobs and property tax cuts from gambling revenues panned out, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said Tuesday.
The earlier audits found the gaming board did not award contracts for professional services publicly, spent excessively on travel, did not initially investigate new employees thoroughly enough and struggled with turf battles with other agencies over investigations.

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