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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pretending to Police Gambling Addiction

When Harrah's [now Caesars] discovered under Gary Loveman's brilliant guidance determined that 90% of their revenues came from 10% of their patrons, Harrah's targeted, marketed, comped and pursued that 10%.
That's Gambling Addiction without which the Gambling Industry could not survive.

Massachusetts ‘Gaming’ Future
Is Rep. Gingrich saying our legislators and the (PGCB) Pa. Gaming Control Board is policing the compulsive gambling problem in our casinos, if so, where’s the proof. I would like her to give me one thing any of them have done that addresses this problem. The only legislation that has been put forth since our Gaming Law passed in 2004 that addresses this problem is Casino Monthly Statements. The reason it hasn’t passed in the last four sessions is because our casino operators/lobbyists have made our lawmakers well aware of the ill-effect these statements will have on the casinos bottom line and that will have a negative effect on state gaming tax coffers.
The Morning Call - December 14, 2014 - Survey says: Taxes will rise under Wolf
Nearly one-half of those polled support legalizing online gaming to raise money for the state. No legislation is pending to allow online gaming, but the idea is being floated, said state Rep. Mauree Gingrich, R-Lebanon County, chairwoman of the House Committee on Gaming Oversight.
"Discussion is occurring as a result of the consumer support and the commonwealth's budget revenue challenges," she said.
"While convenience is a key element, the persistent challenge of gambling addiction and abuse may well be magnified since the ability to police the gaming process will be completely different and more complex," Gingrich said.

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