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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Stephen Crosby: Beating a Dead Horse?

Taxpayers are subsidizing a Dead Industry....and now what?

Extensive HEARINGS were held in Beacon Hill....lawmakers genuflected to the racing industry, gave them what they wanted.....

The Gambling Vultures OWN you once you invite them in....lawmakers will genuflect...YOU can bet on it!

Crosby to lawmakers: Give me the power to save horse racing
Gaming Commission chairman Stephen Crosby really doesn’t want to give up that multimillion-dollar state horse-racing fund. From SHNS’s Colin Young: “The chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission pressed lawmakers Tuesday to give the commission the ability to restructure oversight of the horse racing industry in hopes of a sparking a revitalization. While standardbred racing has seen a resurgence tied to the slots parlor in Plainville, Thoroughbred racing is near its all-time low in Massachusetts.”
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