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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Luck works both ways for slot winner, alleged heroin dealer, Madison police say

Luck works both ways for slot winner, alleged heroin dealer, Madison police say

Talk about a come down.
A Madison man who just won $1,500 at a Ho-Chunk Gaming slot machine early Wednesday was arrested while sitting at the machine waiting for his winnings, because a bag of heroin found at the front door allegedly fell out of his pants.
Michael Goodman, 32, was tentatively charged with possession of heroin with intent to deliver, Madison police said.
The incident happened at about 12:15 a.m. at the casino at 4002 Evan Acres Road.
“He likely was feeling pretty jubilant about hitting a slot machine jackpot, and was waiting to collect more than $1,500 in winnings, when police arrived and altered the mood by placing him in handcuffs,” police spokesman Joel DeSpain said.
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Earlier in the night, a casino employee found a plastic bag near the front entrance, a bag that looked like it contained drugs.
“It contained a golf ball-sized amount of a cream-colored powdery material, individually packaged in a couple of dozen pea-sized amounts,” DeSpain said. “The officer suspected heroin and testing determined that to be correct.”
Surveillance video at the front entrance showed a man adjusting the legs of his sweatpants, and when he did so, the bag of heroin fell out, but he apparently didn’t realize it, since he kept going into the casino to play.
“Security told police he was seated near some slot machines, waiting to collect his winnings,” DeSpain said. “Ironically, that is where his luck ran out.”

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