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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Star Casino violence three times worse than official crime statistics, leaked report says

Star Casino violence three times worse than official crime statistics, leaked report says

Sydney's Star Casino has been accused of hiding the full extent of violence at the venue with leaked documents showing nearly two-thirds of assaults on site are not being reported to police.
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Key points:

  • Of the 111 violent incidents in six months, police weren't called to 75
  • Violence included nightclub brawls, sexual and physical attacks against women
  • The leaked review recommends changing casino licence to enforce reporting of violence

Figures contained in an internal NSW Government review of violence at the casino show the number of serious incidents are more than three times higher than official crime statistics and almost five times higher than reported to senior casino managers.
The leaked NSW Department of Justice review suggests this could have serious ramifications for the casino's licence to operate in Sydney.
In the review Liquor and Gaming NSW inspectors analysed the daily incident reports sent to the department between March and August this year.
Inspectors noted many violent incidents had been recorded as "behaviour" or "forced removals" in the computer system instead of assaults.
Officials then formally asked the casino for corresponding security reports or surveillance footage.
They found there were 111 violent incidents in six months and police were not called to 75 of them.
Unreported incidents included a patron whose leg was broken at the Marquee nightclub inside the casino, a melee involving five patrons, people being put into chokeholds and a security guard head-butting a patron.
Seventy-nine per cent of violent incidents were also not included in a monthly report to casino executives that is also passed onto the State Government.
However, the source incident reports were routinely passed onto Liquor and Gaming NSW.

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