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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Leigh D Wilson's post.

I know a lot of my FB friends will not enjoy reading this...but it comes from my heart...I had to face poker machines gambling addiction. It is humiliating, sadly very hard, but can be done. I see alcohol also killing and maiming people like gambling does and and it is heart-breaking. The same insidious industry drives dangerous products....but they are dressed up to promise us that 'if we drink and gamble responsibly we are OK'. How do we measure 'responsible'? Is 'responsible' really possible, given the facts?
This is not 'sour grapes' or an attempt to 'even up' any score etc...but please listen to the doctors, if not anybody else? I know I sound like I am preaching...but....
Another dangerous source of addiction and destruction is sitting right there at home with a lot of people...and they are hoping it is not true that they are addicted. Being addicted means not being able to give something up...or simply to do without it if and when you crave it.
Are we sure we can guide our children safely, given the amount of advertising that alcohol gets?
The alcohol industry thrives on spreading the misbelief that a little bit of alcohol is OK...only alcoholism is to be shunned. That is maybe true in some small if a person drinks one or two glasses of wine a week one cigarette per day really is unlikely to kill anyone...but in real life it tends to be just utter crap. When we drink, we often drink daily, using giant wine glasses. Like cigarettes and gambling...every drop of alcohol or dollar spent, does some damage to the body or the pocket. We just do not get told the truth as it suits the alcohol industry to sugar-coat the addiction issue of alcoholism, while paying huge advertising, to make grog a status symbol like gambling has now become. It is harder to knock trendy products.
""Alcohol affects just about every system because it's a small molecule that goes everywhere in the body," says Paul Wallace, emeritus professor of public health at University College London and medical director of the charity Drinkaware. "From the gut to the heart, the blood vessels to the skin, its effects are all-pervasive."
Please let's all be careful?
Leigh D Wilson
15 hrs
This makes quite sobering reading "What alcohol does to your body after 40" and why it is worse than when you are younger....

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