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Monday, November 2, 2015

Stop Predatory Gambling: Our National Report on How Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling Impacts You

You've seen the ads for DraftKings, FanDuel and other online sports gambling operators.

Today, we released our new national report on Daily Fantasy Sports gambling: "Use Promo Code INEQUALITY:  Inside Online Fantasy Sports Gambling and the Misleading, Unfounded Lobbying Push for 'Government Regulation.'"

You can read the full report hereYou can read the press release here.

Please read it and share it as widely as you can, especially with opinion leaders in your region of the country including journalists, newspaper editors, public officials, business leaders, civic groups and non-profits. You can copy and post this link to share on Facebook and other social media.

The key findings of SPG’s report include:

•    Online fantasy sports gambling operators are targeting American youth.

•    The profit model for online fantasy sports gambling operators is based on the fleecing of unskilled players, which explains why Americans have been blanketed with nonstop, mass recruitment advertising campaigns in recent weeks.

•    Online fantasy sports gambling violates federal law.

•    After being rejected by Congress and most states, corporate gambling interests are using DFS as a backdoor attempt to bring internet gambling into bedrooms and smartphones across the U.S.

•    Government’s current regulation of gambling has been “a spectacular failure” and is contributing to rising inequality. Recent proposals to regulate DFS offer no facts to suggest that government-sponsorship would produce different results.

•    The singular focus of government-regulated gambling has been to maximize profits, not protecting the public health. There is no evidence to conclude that government will regulate online fantasy sports gambling any differently.

•    In states that sponsor commercial gambling, all taxpayers—including the non-gamblers-- end up paying higher taxes for less services and their states end up with worse budget problems over the long term. Allowing states to sponsor online fantasy sports gambling will deepen these financial problems, forcing the taxpayers who don’t gamble to foot the bill.

•    No American jurisdiction has ever documented a decline in illegal gambling after states began sponsoring gambling. It is inevitable that the amount of illegal online gambling will increase if online fantasy sports gambling is authorized.

Please educate your networks as well as your state and community leaders and take action.

If you support our mission and work, please participate by contributing $10 or more today to help sustain it.


Les Bernal

National Director, Stop Predatory Gambling

Contact: (202) 567-6996
End government-sponsored gambling because it is dishonest, financially damaging to citizens and contributes to rising unfairness and inequality in our country. 

Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation ι 100 Maryland Avenue NE, Room 310 ι Washington, D.C. 20002 ι (202) 567-6996


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