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Thursday, September 24, 2015

First National Day of Action Against Predatory Gambling Sept. 26 & 27: Update about this weekend's action against predatory gambling

This weekend thousands of citizens across the U.S. and Australia are participating in the first National Day of Action Against Predatory Gambling

Over 130 different actions in more than 25 states are planned. New Mexico citizens already made statewide headlines with their action. 

Do your part. DO SOMETHING this weekend. If you can't join an action, then please participate by making a tax-deductible gift of $25 or more to support our work locally.

Or, you can contact our National Victims Advocate Melynda Litchfield, who is helping to coordinate the Day of 
Action at or myself

Here is a sample media advisory that you can send out to state and local media in advance of your action.

Here is a guide about how to organize a prayer vigil in your place of worship this weekend.

Please remember to take pictures of your action and email them to us at We will post them on our site and allow everyone to share in our collective efforts. 
Les Bernal
National Director, Stop Predatory Gambling
End government-sponsored gambling because it is dishonest, financially damaging to citizens and contributes to rising unfairness and inequality in our country.

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